Project procedure

From the first talks to a characteristic spatial solution

It starts with the first personal encounter and getting to know each other. Thanks to our experience and sensitiveness, we discover the special features of your hotel or premises. The strategic orientation, the local circumstances, your basic design ideas and requirements are all taken into account during planning. Our team of consultants shows you our entire range of interior furbishing options, either in your premises or in ours, and helps you find the best design for your hotel rooms, the lobby, or the reception hall. Of course, the materials are suitable for the hotel and restaurant business and comply with all relevant safety regulations.


We accept full responsibility for the successful implementation of your project. As an all-inclusive supplier of interior furnishing for hotels and other premises, we offer perfect planning plus smooth, efficient production and installation procedures up to hand-over. We meet agreed schedules reliably, coordinate all contract work and ensure a high quality level.